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Giving Good Audio

Posted on February 2, 2012 with 0 comments

Adrian_in_Plaid_FaceSepia.jpgGetting a great sounding mix is getting harder and harder these days!  Even though the tools are the same, if not better.  

One of the keys to good audio is trusting your eyes less and your ears more.  It's really easy today to get caught up in looking at the screen and seeing how things look at that EQ curve....or look at that wave form.....but here's something to think about....the visuals are most often only limited representations as to what you're really hearing.  Two masters can both look like sausages on the screen, but one still has dynamics and punch and the other doesn't.  Why?

Then take for example, THD.  Remember that?   It's total harmonic distortion and was used by audiofiles to evaluate amps.  Turns out the lower THD numbers do not yield a better sounding amp!  If you trusted the numbers, you were misled.  Same in production....remember what Duke Ellington said:  "If it sounds good, it is good!"