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What Your Parents Never Told You!

Posted on February 9, 2012 with 0 comments

The DoorsThe one thing that nobody wants to talk about is the byproduct of technology:  It's noise.  with every plug-in, synthesizer,  (god forbid you use a drum machine),  Every little thing you do to make your song or mix 'just right,' adds noise.  Every technological advancement in your life, adds noise!  either physical as I see in mastering or pschological.....

If there's no space in your mix, that's because you have too much noise in there  - and it's often from too many plugins, too many parts, too many effects.  Get the track right during recording and you won't need to add noise!

Look back to around 1967 to The Doors first album (rhino did a decent remastering) and see how open it is......that's because there's less noise, less technology!  AND NO DRUM MACHINES! ha ha ha!

I had one producer who came in and had used all sorts of stuff on his mix bus - He had added an analog path EQ, (he had only recording quality converters-nothing premium)  he had that "heat" plugin along with a limiter......As soon as I touched the mix, it would just crack up.  Don't think you're doing a Mastering Engineer or an artist any favors by adding that stuff!

Work with plugins off the mixbus-

And keep in mind that I can make it much louder as long as you haven't already overloaded the circuit.