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ACMastering: Listen to Samples


Carole Pope - Landfall - CD Master Excerpt


Free Fallin' by Chrissy, produced by Alexy Guerer - Before (first 15") and After Mastering.

(From Chrissy's Upcoming Album)

Lungs by Sea and City, produced by Jon Paul

CeCe Giannotti - Before (first 20") and After (next 20")

(From DVD Disk: Live From Barcelona)

An amazing entertainer and musician with a great band.

Carey Ott - Mastered Excerpt

(Ain't No Upside - from the CD "Human Heart")

Isaac's Aircraft - Before (first 20") and After (next 20")

(Head to the Feet - from their upcoming album)

Ketch Harbour Wolves - Before (first 20") and After (next 20")

(Damascus - from the album Anachronisms)

Patrick Nind - Mastered Excerpt

(Hurricane from 2010 EP)
From his 2010 CD

Mercy The Sexton - Mastered Excerpt

("He Said, She Said" from 2010 CD)

MikeyT - Before (first 20") and After (next 20")

(Tonight from his EP MikeyT)
Notice the digital distortion and overs picked up by the dither in the before. We took that all out, raised the level and created more presence. Check out MikeyT on MySpace

David Dragov - Mastered Excerpt

(The Gift from 2007 CD, Popov)
Check out David on CD Baby