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ACMastering: Listen to Samples


The Dueling Fiddlers - Before (first 20") and After (next 20")

("Stairway to Heaven" from the album Rock Violin)
This first part of the sample is taken from the session takes. The second part is the finished master with matched level for easy comparison. In mastering I eliminated much of the background hum and noise along with reducing undesirable instrument production sounds.

Enchanten by Margaret Tobolowska

(Title track from her 2012 album.

Julia Hendrik - Mastered Excerpt

("Recogize" from the album Illusions)
April 25, 2011

Dueling Fiddlers - Mastered Excerpt

(November Rain from the album Rock Violin.)
Adam DeGraff and Russell Fallstad: The Dueling Fiddlers. Taken from their 2010 CD : "Rock Violin."

Chen Yi - Mastered Excerpt

("Shiuo" from the CD Sparkle with the Manhattan String Quartet)
Grammy Entry Nomination in 2000.

Alejandro Pico-Leonis - Mastered Excerpt

(L.V. Beethoven - Excerpt from Opus 109)

Adrian Carr -Before (first 20") and After (next 20")

(Light taken from the CD "Release")
This is what is possible in the transformation of piano sound from session to final master.