Here's How We Help You Sound Your Best

Equipment List

Software: Sonic Solution/Sonic Studio SoundBlade 2.2 (True audio PMCD and DDP Masters, Sonic Studio NoNoise, NEXT Generation Mastering Restoration, Sony-Oxford Restoration Software. iZotope RX, iZoptope Ozone. HOFA DDP Master Delivery System.

Digital Hardware:

  • Weiss EQ1 Mk.II High resolution EQ with dynamic and linear phase options.
  • Weiss DS1 Mk III High resolution de-essor and compressor
  • T.C.Electronic M4000 High resolution reverb

Analog Signal Path:

  • Dangerous Music Dangerous Compressor
  • Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Monitors: Barefoot MM27 Gen. 2 Monitors, Axiom Audio M2 Passive Speakers with Bryston 2B.

Digital Media Decks: (Use Charges Apply) Tascam DA-98 Multi-Track, Tascam HR 45 High Definition DAT,

Analog Tape Machines: (Use Charges Apply)  Studer A-820 Reel-to-Reel Tape Machine, Tascam 122MkIII Analog Cassette, Audio Technica AT-120 Direct Drive Turntable