Internet Mastering

Click here to upload your mixes to my FTP Server.

ACMastering brings you a true value in professional mastering. Don't look for the lowest price, look for satisfaction with how your CD sounds and the service you're getting.

At ACMastering you'll get:

:: A free preview of all mixes. You can tell me what you're looking for in the mastering. (If there's any issues, you can send a new mix)

:: Above digital zero mastering with enhanced dynamic range. (You'll hear the difference)

:: One Round of Revisions or touch-ups is always included

:: CD master and iTunes/streaming master

$100/Track for CD Master and streaming/sharing m4a

$50/Track for "Mastered for iTunes"

Attended Sessions and Studio Time


Mix Consults, Revisions, EP or CD track assembly (Fades, Track ID Numbers, CD Text, ISRC Codes). We send masters using HOFA DDP Player Maker which you can use on any MAC or Windows computer. We can also provide DDP Masters or PMCD Physical Masters.

Vinyl Mastering ::: Audio Restoration

I'm a specialist at making vinyl masters. And vinyl is becoming ever more important in the music market. Vinyl is not as forgiving as digital mastering and needs to be done right to get the sonic benefits. Please  email me to discuss your project.

For Audio Restoration, I offer 20+ years of experience and have the most advanced tools available.  Please email me to set up a phone conference or meeting.